Monday, 2 January 2012

133 : "The only thing stopping me"

Lying with him..
He pulled me closer towards him.
Slowly wrapping his arms around me. 
Burying my face into his chest,
Snuggling and inhaling, 
Taking in his addictive scent..
His warmth could be felt as he hug me tighter..
Comforting me as i fall asleep in his arms..


I was awaken by the sound of a door slamming..
Could be the wind or one of my family members..

I looked around.
I was alone on my bed..
It was a dream..

"The only thing stopping me"
These words echo in my mind as i recalled yesterday..

He exhaled loudly during dinner..
Followed by a sigh..
He talked about me leaving for studies,
Snapping me back from my fantasy to reality.
Reminding me of my departure in 38 days..

"You going to Australia is the only thing stopping me now",
He told me.

My heart sank...
But i just smile..
Ensuring him that they are plenty more out there for him.
And quickly changing the topic.

We enjoyed and finish our dinner,
And i sent him off..

I would love to stay here with you but i cant..

Spending the first day of a new year with you means alot to me.
I miss you my dear..

Going to Australia is the only thing stopping me too..
For now we will just stay friend i guess..

Ck =(


  1. Everything starts with just friend :)

  2. leave email for me la i email you =)

  3. To Soul232, haha, but often they stay friends.. ><!

    To Chen Xing, No i am not.. =/

    To Kay, You dint leave your email address for me to e-mail! haha

    To ooi, im not your type also...

  4. oh well, sometimes it's the best for both of u ^.^