Wednesday, 4 January 2012

134 : Languages of Love

There are basically 5 languages of love that people speak.

     Here are the 5 languages of love:
     · Quality time: For a person who speaks this language, things like eye contact, deep and meaningful   conversations and shared activities are needed to feel loved. Bonding time with their partner is what is most important to them.

     · Receiving gifts: When you are with a partner who love little gifts and surprises, this is precisely what you will get. You will constantly be showered with new clothes, flowers or even chocolates. This is how they want to be loved, so this is exactly what they do for their partners. Giving the gift of self is also an important symbol of love to these people.

     · Words of affection: This works by giving your partner constant compliments, sweet love notes and lots of encouragement. This is important because those who speak this language are sensitive people and don’t take criticism as well as others. They may illustrate their frustrations by using sharp words or even by harassing you.

     · Physical touch: If this is the language of your partner they will be very affectionate or, as some like to call it, touchy-feely. Sex to them means much more than just an orgasm - it is a way to connect. If you deny someone who speaks this love language sex, they may feel unloved.

     · Acts of service: Some people find pleasure in doing things for others. This may mean that they will feel loved when their partners help out with chores or doing things for them. However, acts of service should be done out of love, not obligation.
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Found this out when i was with a close friend.
She concluded i speak the language of Gifts..
Well i guess i do.. I very rarely receive gifts but i rather really love giving handmade gifts..

Guess everyone does speak every of the 5 languages but one in particular excels more then the other.
I mean i love getting physical touches, i am a hugging whore after all. Anyone care to give me a warm hug? haha.

Anyways, which of the 5 do you speak?

Love, CK


  1. alil bit a everything? lol

  2. Hugging whore? hahaha. somehow that reminds me of pedobear! hahahaha

    Hmm I think I'm more of a 1. But like tuls said, a little bit of everything to have the perfect balance

  3. a little bit of everything and a bit more on 4 and 5 when it comes to partner. but I still fail to do number 3 when it comes to my mum

  4. 1 and 4..
    Quality time and Physical touch... I love hugging too..xD

  5. delete it after u see it kay

  6. wow!!! looks like most chose time and touch! i think that'll be me too :)

  7. HUGS!!!! 1, 2, 4,and 5. I despise 3.

  8. To Chen Xing, Soul, Khai and Mike : Lol, guess thats the most common one that people loves. =D

    To Tuls and Aiden : Yups! Be an average Joe! haha

    To malimo : Same.. Sweet talking mum never gets me anywhere.. But gifts do.. haha

    To Ooi : Expected from you la..

    To Kay : Deleted and emailed.. I think you appeared in my "people you may know" list few times already.. Are you close friends with a girl initial C.C that studies in Monash Clayton?.. haha

    To 2Horns : Exactly.. Sweettalkers are so dangerous.. ><!