Saturday, 28 January 2012

148 : Why secret?

I went for an open house at my friend's place yesterday. Among the crowd was a few mutual college friends and his own high school friends. Naturally, there was a division of gangs, having two separate tables each gambling with their own rates, leaving the host frantic to entertain both groups.

Not gambling, a few of us sat around and talked, catching up on each others lives. Then suddenly my friend called me with a very unique tone..

"Eh.. Your twitter.. "
"NO!!! What ever your question is, the answer is no!"

I picked up on where she was going with the question.. "Who is the girl??", "why so emo?". Never once had it occur to me that tweeting every emotional thought of missing someone would put me in a tight spot. Just went denying everything and a friend of mine just dismissed everything saying its just general tweets. Thanks Ed!! =DD

Anyways. Went to a corner to answer a phone call when suddenly a friend of mine grabbed me by the neck. His usual stern face stared me down as i finished my phone call.

"Eh.. seriously la.. you like guy or girl?"

Caught of guard.. i just stared at him, speechless..

"Can tell me one.."

In my mind i just wanted the seriousness to end.. So i flashed my phone wallpaper to him.. A picture of me with B...


He turned around and screamed to the rest. "Aiya!! I lose laa!! Owe you all 50 bucks!!"

When i got home.. I messaged him online asking him to keep the secret.. Turns out he bet that i was gay with our friends.. And he lied and say he lost the bet..  Then he asked me something that really made me smile..

" y secret anyway
its normal wat"

A question i never ever expected to be asked..
If only there were more people like him..



  1. It's a secret because the world is lack of friend like him :)

    1. it's a secret or it's sad that the world is lack of friend like him? i'm confused...

      anywayyssss...i think it's really nice to have a friend like that one... :)

  2. I ALMOST cried. That's very sweet of your friend! (:

  3. hmm... this is what i call true friend .. understanding and caring .:)

  4. walao eh, steady la ur fren, salute how he treat frenz

  5. awwwww....soooo sweeeet of your friend :_)

  6. :') such a heart-warming friend.
    1 or 2 are enough... :)

  7. The world is changing :) Hopefully we start finding more tolerance amongst the younger generation.

  8. Thanks guys! Im sure you guys have a friend like that too! =D

  9. nice friend you have.. :) for me it would be majority females. :|

  10. my gosh your friend deserves to win an award

  11. like he said, it's normal what. :3