Saturday, 21 January 2012

142 : Benefits

My sister dragged me around shopping yesterday..
Going into every female boutiques including Lasenza..
Upon seeing guys carrying bags for their girlfriend as their girlfriends raid the clothes rack i realize something..
Im quite happy being gay for a few reason..

1. Shopping.
We get to go shopping with our partner FROM THE SAME SHOPS! We don't have to go wait around for them to browse clothes we will never wear. I felt so restless waiting for my sister to try on her clothes. Another point is I share different opinions with her on clothes, I'm not really sure what looks good and all for female fashion and couldn't give her proper opinions on the clothes she was interest in...
Oh. and when you get the buy 1 free 1 offers. Both of us can buy one and split the bill.. Haha!

2. Clothes
Hehe.. Similar to the first point. We get to share clothes, provided you and your partner share the same size clothes.. but usually they do right?.. Usually see couples with about the same body sizes..
Couple tees are easier to buy too.

3. Understanding.

Enough Said?
 Okay. Just a joke. People kept saying how complicated it is to have a girlfriend in terms of understanding them. Not saying its very easy to understand guys, I'm having a hard time reading B currently too.. At least we can understand each other better being the same gender and all..

4. Quality Time

We get to spend quality time together that straight couples don't get..
We share can enter the same toilet... Gym.. Sauna.. *wink*

5. Versatile
If both are versatile.. You both get to "help" each other?... lol..

Anyways.. That is the 5 reasons i can think of.. Care to add on to what makes you proud!

ps. There is a guy working in Zara midvalley's guys section.. HOT!!! If anyone if going there anytime soon and manages to get a picture of him.. can send it to me?.. haha


  1. Generally, and I mean generally, gay guys have very decent fashion sense. At least we know what looks good on a man's body, but actually we also know what looks good on a woman. I always tell my sisters when we go shopping if something looks good on them or not.

    Maybe it's from watching all the ANTM, Project Runway and Fashion Police hahaha! :P

  2. I like point #3 the most...hehe :) though for shopping, I think there will be difference in preference for taste or brand btw the couple..haha xD

  3. Indeed.

    Seen him few times before. But not really sure he's the one you are referring to.

    Hehe...perhpas next time we'll take pictures.


  4. You just gave me a reason to go to Mid Valley! XD

  5. I know which guy la, saw b4!!!!