Sunday, 10 June 2012

237 : The moment.

There comes a moment in life..
When everything seems to be falling apart,
Breaking, and shattering into fragments,
Family, friends, studies, life..
All too quickly to be fixed..
The rush to join the pieces together begin,
secretly praying that you will have a memory of what the picture looks like,
hoping you can restore it to its original form..

But futile efforts made,
you know its impossible.
Bits and pieces stolen away by people or too small to be noticed.
What remains, or rather, what you manage to structure with the remains,
looks deform and unfamiliar..
You begin to take up that form..
Changing to an almost completely different person without notice..

During the day you just wonder and question yourself in confusion..

"What have i changed into?"
"What made me become like this?"..

Here i am looking at the constantly shifting moon through my window.
It's beauty halfed from what it was merely days ago when Venus appeared..
So quickly it changed but a fact knowing it will regain its beauty and turn full again exist.
The moon, a beacon at night.
Storing the millions love letters lovers wished upon the moon, hoping their beloved claims it..

I need to stand up again..
The loneliness and emptiness here is eating me alive..
Uncontrollable tears just flow as i recall past memories that once made me smile.

How do i stand up again?..



  1. Perhaps to find the reason that caused you to fall ? Only then you will stand back up with your own 2-feet again.


    1. Yea.. I think talking to someone i found it dy. =D

  2. Start fresh. What's history let it be. If you can change history, then make history. :)

    1. It took me a while to process this.. lol. But i finally got it! haha, slow brain.. -.-'' Thanks A.D! HISTORY HERE I COME!

  3. Let it out. Talk about it with someone u are comfortable with, everyone is just a holler away. U can always come back here where lot of people care bout u =)


    1. Just did. Thank you! *HUGGIES! =D

  4. Yeah Soul is right...(i seem to agree with Soul a lot) when you are sad don't supress it and just soak in it and let it out. Once you have done so..almost in that instance you would come you would react that way. Me? i would actually watch a movie. A sad sad movie of course. CRY it out and eventually we will feel better. Hugs* Hugs* HUGS*

    1. Lol, i talked it out and i did watch a sad show!! but a korean drama! Haha, cried ma eyes!! yay! Hugs! =D

  5. how? you'll find the answer. it might not be like right now, but eventually you'll do ... :)

    stay strong and held your head high :) and don't forget to smile :)


    1. BRO take care weyhhhh i saw ur tweet n ur messages last night aiyaaaaaaa don't be so emo larrrrrr =) life is awesome okay n u know it!!! u're awesome toooo so don't let that spoil everything! SMILE and today will be a brighter day for u = )

    2. To are-5th. Thank you so much! CHIN HELD HIGH AND SMILE I SHALL! =DDD

      To Shadow. Lol, wont dy. Thank for the whatsapp yesterday! =P