Saturday, 30 June 2012

250: Someone

There is always someone in life,
Who doesn't care about you..

They never reply your messages,
Don't reply your "hi"s.
And even if they do, it would be hours later.

You tell yourself everyday that its pointless to care,
That you are wasting your time and effort,
That you are only poking a sleeping tiger.

You refrain yourself from contacting them..
But at a moment of weakness, you still do.

Yesterday I saw pictures of his injury.
He apparently fell from a high place and was badly wounded..
I told myself that i wouldn't care or bother anymore,
But seeing those pictures just made my heart sank..
I sent him a message wishing him a speedy recovery,
As usual, no reply..

Reading back what i have just typed..
I feel so stupid..
I miss you..


  1. U just care about him and it is a good thing to do. We are human, in the end..we'll never be able to kill our feeling =)

    *pat pat* =)

  2. *hugs*

    speedy recovery to you too~


  3. Hope he'll be well soon.

    Anyway, as a friend, it's perfectly alright to send him well wishes.