Wednesday, 13 June 2012

240 : Mine or Hers?

You gave your heart to her..
And now, without her knowing, you are giving apart of it to me..

Charming person you are, i never noticed them till now..
Months of friendship with a hidden secret,
exposed now to show your deepest feelings.

The abundant similarities we share,
interest in common and personality just shocks me..
Something tells me we would have alot of fun together..

But it all comes down to the question..
Is your heart mine to take if it belongs to a girl?..


  1. this sounds complicated. hmm i think you should let him decide on this. like, who does he want at the end of the day

  2. It's his choice in the end and he better make a choice soon rather than keep both of u hanging not knowing what it gonna be in the end

  3. Hmm, if he's into you...why stopping it from happening ?

  4. lol so juicy.... meet u again soon!!! i got damn a lot to tell u!

  5. It seems he needs to pick a side. Of which he would rather give his heart to.