Monday, 11 June 2012

238 : Power!

*Original context removed*

Please don't assume what i say and build statements on it, I am partially at fault for not specifying the context of what i was trying convey, that point i would admit. 

Yes, sexuality is not sway-able at the core in the sense of a straight person is straight and a gay person is gay. However, what about the bisexuals?. I do believe there is a sense of bi-curious in people and many of which people are not clear of what they want till a certain age, mostly after marriage. Influenced by the media that a woman is the only partner a man is to choose and likewise with a woman choosing a man as her partner in life, people make choices by peer pressure.

Take the husband of the reality TV star Fran Drescher for an example, Peter Marc Jacobson. Happily married for years, good sexual life and still he came out as gay. A person who says "I am straight" may no necessary mean that person is straight, it might be mere clouded understanding of their preference.

The "change", i refer to is by towards the bi-curious population, not the absolute example population. I have heard stories of guys who are "straight" with gay men, not as a medium to release sexual tension but a deep sense of care and love towards the man despite having a wife or a girfriend. Would you count that as a myth or legend just because its "impossible to change sexuality"?.  I will not go on explaining the theory that i had previously mention as it is after all, not mine to talk about.

The world is a huge place. Close to a 7B population. The world keeps spinning everyday, who is to say what is impossible?

Anways, the LGBT community always have my full support, now and always.

Leonut! =)

P.s I never once said i go around telling people to orient the way i want. 

P.s.s. I am truly sorry if i offended anyone with the post. If you have read my blog long enough, you would understand when my posts are a joke and when they are serious. I shall select my words more carefully in the future.
P.s.s.s. Did you know Sir. Elton John's partner is gay?? LOLOL Just kidding!!~ =P


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  2. Where/Who's the master ? I want to master the sorcery skill.


  3. Just as straight people can't turn us straight, we cannot do likewise to them as well.
    It is with regards, to both nature and nurture, that the sexuality of an individual is determined. But we do not have the right, to "Change" another person's sexuality for our own benefits.

    What you're saying here in this blogpost, how does it differ from homophobic individuals who seek to "change" the sexuality of homosexuals? It can't be done, and for good reason too.

    You don't go around telling people to orient the way you do, people don't do the same, simple.

    You're just giving homophobes more excuses to dish out on the LGBT community.

    You can take pride in being gay, i understand, but too, understand the rights, and opinions of others.

  4. I guess we never know do we? Even the so call "experts", what they can do is but to assist "those in need" to travel the path that they have chosen. If they have a choice, why not... but for those of us who do not, well... we have to keep moving forward =)

  5. ah sexuality is something very puzzling indeed!

    I always thought there is a straight cut, that if u're gay u're gay n if you're straight you're straight but then after hearing so many stories, n friends...n ppl saying they only realized they r gay like 20? makes it sound really true that anything can happened.

    At any rate, I'm not at all worried about all this.

    I think we cannot defy nature.

    We're born to be what we're born to be.

    Sigh, and if we can change we, who are we to say we r human anymore?

  6. hahaha i read the original post briefly only.. but i remembered it was meant to be like funny/joking saja kan!

    But some people are taking it so seriously @_@ Just take a chill pill y'all