Tuesday, 19 June 2012

242 : Attention

Everyone is yearning for attention,
Each person does it, its only human of us to do so.
This ultimately result in the birth of the "attention whore",
But what really is of that vain picture in the bathroom mirror is a way of expression for attention.

Everyone does it in a different way,
Through the internet like youtube or twitter,
Through eye catching clothing like branded clothing,
Or even the way of speech, flirting maybe?

When it comes down to it, everyone wants to be famous and hold influencing power,
To see our name's plastered over walls (Hopefully for a good reason), in magazine and or in videos.
The proud moment when you see your name in the newspaper is just exhilarating.

Just a note to someone, when you manage to get on your pedestal,
Just make sure your head does not inflate from the high altitude?
Don't insult people calling them ugly and you are happy they wont have ugly kids,
You are gay and I'm positive the chances of them getting kids is higher then yours.


Anyways.. I rejected someone's attention yesterday and I think its just conflict of my nature..
Part of me just really wants to be alone for the time being while another part wants someone to talk to..
Just so confused internally and i don't even know where to start breaking down the problem..
I need therapy..

  "Leonut is confused! It hurts itself in its confusion!"
"Leonut fainted!"
Pokemon anyone?



  1. No Pokemon,

    I poke Facebook you la
    You'll get thru it eventually,
    Its just a phase

  2. Think it's better to start talking to someone. A friend perhaps?

    1. Thank you! Yea.. starting to talk to friends now.. :D

  3. 'Leonut goes to Poke Center.'
    'Leonut heals up back to full health.'

    haha is that correct lingo? not very sure coz I haven't played Pokemon in years :P

    1. Lol, the bloody chansey that takes forever to heal the pokemon.. Lol! =D

  4. Sounds like you need a break.


    1. Broken dy.. *lame pun intended.. * lol..

    2. Lol, then I shall hand you back the glue you passed to me last week.


  5. is this what u wanted to ask me for advice about? :|

    well, if you want it, you want it. if you feel reluctant, it just means u aren't ready. the time will come.


    1. Yea.. wanted to ask you about this..
      Confused la.. ><

  6. well, the restriction that u put on urself is single till 25, not be alone and lonely till 25..so dont think there is another wrong with finding someone to talk to..u are not a hermit XD

    1. Lol, single as in i wont actively find a partner lo.. I hope.. Just sometimes you look at the online list and everyone isnt online.. My emo phases are usually past midnight.. lol