Thursday, 21 June 2012

244 : Love Flow Chart

Yups.. This probably sums up my love life perfectly...
Currently in the lonely stage again..
I'm only human, can you blame me?

I am that bored to be drawing flow charts...

Cookies and Cream,


  1. why cookies and cream pulak? @@

  2. That's a vicious cycle. Perhaps you should try to change "actively searching" to some other action, and who knows,you'll be happy with it ?

  3. lonely stage?
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! cos u r going to find your love next ( as per the flow chart )
    cheers :))

  4. yup I agree with CX.
    Either change that so you won't find love so easily...

    OR if you are those that need romance and all then just don't think of that guy as a rebound. I mean according to this flow chart, if you are in the 'Happy Together' stage then does it matter that he's a rebound?
    Or does it really mean you realize you don't actually love that guy... in that case it actually means what you found was not actually love..

  5. Sounds like you gonna found love soon =3

    haha, what's with cookies and cream? reminds me of dumpling boy~


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