Tuesday, 4 December 2012

326 : Jhameel!

The voice of my 8 hours, JHAMEEL!
Recently found his music and it was instant addiction.

One of the voices i can play on repeat along with ImogenHeap, Florance x Machine, Pink, OwlCity etc.
Check out his originals as well as his covers!

White Lie


How Many Lovers

Halo by Beyonce Cover

Fuck You by Cee Lo


The videos are the few of my fav songs from him especially the "Fuck You" cover!
There are alot of more really amazing original songs like "Origami Monster" as well as "Foundation".

Facebook : Jhameel *Liked!*
Website   : Jhameel.com

Best thing is his albums are free to download. =D

Have a good 5th of December! =D


  1. O.O Quite like his voice..got charisma. Will keep an eye on him =)

  2. Your new eye candy ? In this case, "ear" candy ?

  3. hmm..he is cute, and i googled up his name jameel / gameel in arabic means beautiful. sure a fitting name to match his voice