Wednesday, 19 December 2012

332 : Grandma loves food

People always say grandmas are the one that spoil you.
The house that you would love to visit as a kid, where there is always plentiful food. But as for me, its the total opposite.

My grandmother is not young, having worked her whole life left her leg and back worn out as she aged. Even now, she needs a walking stick and getting into a car takes a lot of effort. Breaks my heart seeing her suffer so much but she never once look sad. She always smile no matter what, like when she gets into a car after much effort, she always smiles at me and say:

"Grandma is so old already, next time I wouldn't even be able to get in car or walk already."

Anyways, my grandma loves food!
Cutest grandma ever, she makes the oddest request of food she wants to eat.
Only recently she asked my mum for pizza, burgers, and spaghetti.
Each time my mum would buy it and take it home for her and you can see her genuine happiness when she gets to eat her favourite food.
When people get old, food is the only thing they can enjoy.
I don't get it when i see old folks already 60 over years old, being restricted on what they can or cannot eat. Why control them?

Those that are retired and just waiting to past, why not let them enjoy life? I'm not saying feed them artery clogging food everyday but why not let them enjoy the only thing they can enjoy: Food? My uncle only allows my grandparents to eat generic "old people" food, clear and no oil and honestly they don't look like they ever enjoy eating those.

I enjoy eating out with my grandparents.
Genuine happiness in a meal.

Growing more and more fonder of the cutest guy.. :)


  1. When u look after old people, u will be focusing on 4 things

    - have u eaten?
    - have u drank?
    - have u pee?
    - have u shit?

  2. My grandma loves MacDonalds =D


    Spend more time with your granny k?


  3. Is so nice to hear or talk about people having grandparents...cherish those moments :)

  4. I miss both my grandmothers back home.