Friday, 14 December 2012

330 : 14th of each month

In Korea, the 14th of each month is a different form of lover's day. (Except April)
A little tradition that couples follow to appreciate each other which seemed to have spread to a small population of Malaysia, probably due to the constant increase in Korean influence on the world.

Today, the 14th of December, is Hugging Day.
Hug your partner on this special day to show your appreciation for each other.
Just a simple cuddle or a tight squeeze to take in each other's warmth.
It takes 2 to hug and having someone there to hug is a privileged, cherish it. =)

Here are the list for the other months :
January 14: Diary Day
Couples exchange diaries as gifts, perhaps to wish good luck for the New Year.
February 14: Valentine's Day
Observed by Western cultures, women give chocolates to males.
March 14: White Day
The origin is uncertain but some maintain it originated in Japan. Men give candies to women on this day.
April 14: Black Day
The only 14th event for singles -- they get together and eat Chinese noodles, providing a cheerful occasion for those depressed about not having a significant other.
May 14: Rose Day
Couples exchange roses as gift on this day.
June 14: Kiss Day
Couples share a kiss on this day.
July 14: Silver Day
Couples give each other gifts of silver jewelry on this day.
August 14: Green Day
Couples enjoy the great outdoors with a walk in a forest or up a mountain.
September 14: Photo Day
Couples take pictures together on this day.
October 14: Wine Day
Couples enjoy drinking wine, considered exotic in Korea, on this day.
November 14: Movie Day
Couples go out for a movie together on this day.
December 14: Hug Day
Couples give each other a hug on this day.
Taken from Yahoo News

So who are you hugging today?



  1. *super ultra big fat tight bear hug !!!!*

    1. Awww! Come back for Penang then give real hug. =P

  2. no one wanna hug me.... because im in a freaking university which don't tolerate opposite sex interaction! even now we are being told LGBT is on the rage, guys can't do much either!

    1. What.. ish, so strict one..
      Go hug a puppy! =P

  3. Replies
    1. I have no idea.. Its just the way i found it to be.

  4. Come come here is a big hug waiting for you xD

    1. Where is "here"?
      Haha, i don't mind. =P

  5. I'm gonna give myself a good hug (:

    1. Awwww, why not i get from someone? =P

    2. Lol... If you want I can give you one or you can give urself one too (:

  6. i gave my kid a big long hug, LOL