Friday, 21 December 2012

333 : Alot

A confession before it ends.
If the world ends right?

I was worried, coming back to Malaysia, I had a genuine fear of what might be waiting for me when i got home. Things i left unresolved before unravel themselves, leaving a huge tangled mess to be faced. A week before coming home itself, i was in a state of panic wondering what will happen when i see them or the bigger question, if i will actually see them.

Then i got an email 3 days before i came home from someone.
Not expecting much, a normal reply and exchange of contacts, we starting talking.
The day before i flew back, we Skyped and unknowingly, for 5 hours with not a single awkward moment. Since then, the tangled mess seemed like such a small thing. I'm not saying I used him to hide the mess but he actually made me see how inflated my worries are, that i had nothing to worry about.

Even now.. I saw the guy that hurt me the most and i don't feel the spite i did before..

Everyday 2 skype calls morning and night to each other, i really do feel happy again.

No action comes without a reaction and of course consequences.
I used to have never realize the consequences. Falling without ever thinking stuff through and just "living" in the moment left me bitten countless of times.
Just factoring everything into the equation...
The distance, the time zone, the unpredictablity of the human heart..

What i'm trying to say is, to the guy i been talking to everyday, the guy behind on the other side of the camera :
I like you alot.

I'm not asking for a relationship or anything but i just wanted to let you know how i currently feel.
If the world end, it ends.

You guys excited?..

And as the closet guy said, Happy Winter Solstice! 


  1. Woww... Lucky guy behind the other side of the camera! (:

  2. Oh the only part I like about the world ending thingy~

    Everyone's confessing about something... nice~


  3. We supposed to have 3 days of darkness and the sun wont rise on 21st.... But wait.... Somewhere on earth this v moment is already 21st n the sun has indeed risen.... So....

    I'm gonna sleep... Nite!


  4. Awwww..anyway its good to confess ;)

  5. who this winter everyone's falling in love! hahah show me your lucky man soon!!!

    btw, i changed my blog link, so relink me..maybe? =p


  6. The guy is in Malaysia or the other part of the world ?