Sunday, 20 January 2013

345 : The girl I was closed to.

I have a friend who a lot of mutual friends describe as “不会做人” which in English, directly translate as "don't know how to be human". All the little things she does that make you wonder if there is a part of her brain not working or not existing.

I used to be close to her a while back but on the forth day of being on holidays with her, I was close to punching her in her face and only recently found out, i wasn't the only one. Few things she did that annoyed the shit out of me.

1. She loves to act cute. If she was small size and actually cute fine, i can tolerate normal girls actually acting cute but heck there is not a single angle or part of her that can pass as cute. Look in the mirror my god. Its like an identity crisis which just made my eye twitch each time she tried charming people.

2. She is damn touchy. Not tolerating her acting could be just me overacting but her acting cute leads her to be touchy. Once she decided to reach out and touch my Adam's apple in her attempt to act cute and hell, I was furious! Scolded her so badly. I don't think any guy would ever like or feel comfortable with someone actually touching your Adam's apple. Another time was when we were sitting in the living room, she decided to play footsie with me cause, i quote "the socks i am wearing is so soft right?". Gave her the "the hell is your problem" look yet the next day itself she decided to play fuck off footsie with me again.

3. She invades your privacy. She reads whats on your phone. EVERYTHING ON YOUR PHONE! She asked me if i could help her with something so i whatsapp home asking siblings if they could help. She waited patiently for my reply if i could help out, sitting right next to me, breathing down my neck and READING every single whatsapp message even though my body language made it damn clear i didn't want her too. Before i could even read my whatsapp saying they could help, she already read it over my shoulder and started thanking me. Dafuq? Sitting to her next to the bus as well she was reading my phone.. Thank god i bought a journal case for my phone now.

4. She makes use of people. She always ask if people needed help but there is always a catch. "Do you want a lift to the airport? My mum can send you, but you need to send me home when we get back". Its always like that, you need to agree to help her out before she would help you. We were heading to a 2 day concert together which is an hour away and she kept asking me if she could hitch a ride.It was either you drive there or take a bus. So fine, first day i had transport so i agreed to let her hitch both ways. She told me her mum would fetch me home(only after i agreed to send her) on the second day. But apparently, what she really means is, we would take the bus to and fro and her mum will send me home after when the bus stops 10 mins from my house. Like whats the point?? Felt so conned!

5 She is thick skin and selfish'ish. How would you feel when someone pays you 10 bucks in coins?? She is the exact type of person that does that. She wanted to return 5 dollars in coins of 10cents and 50cents to me once. When i refused she tried giving them to other people. She ended up paying for her purchase with all the coins. The poor cashier and to slowly count everything. Don't bloody pay for things in full coins, don't be retarded, as least use them in a vending machine or something, not in shops. Do you know its not illegal to refuse full coin payments?

Anyways, tits calmed. I can say she isn't a bad person. She is just someone I hate spending time with. What people say is true, when you spend a holiday with someone, you either get close to them, or you wanna hit them..

Pick your travel buddies properly!!


  1. well said LeoNut... as the saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt. i think we all have such a friend amongst us...


    1. Hahaha, or maybe for the first time someone took my place as such friend. lolol

  2. come come, lets pose *pose with leonut act cute*
    aiya, this angle not nice *pose with leonut act cute again with one eyes closed*

  3. Some times... its too late!!!

    oh well... bring extra dissolvable tasteless sleeping pills...

    1. Note to self.. Never travel with you both ever.. LOL

  4. Errr... Sounds like she shouldn't be featured in your blog. Now she's having one special post some more, thought dont think she knows @•@

    Cool. Ppl like her makes the world more interesting, whether you like it or not (: focus on other people la

    1. Aiya.. This blog is to rant mah.. If you want i can feature you also. HAHHA

  5. Dude... It's obvious, she is so into you...

    1) she acts cute in front of you
    2) she fondles your Adam apple
    3) she plays footsie with you
    4) she want you to meet her mom
    5) "not too sure about ze coins"

    Lol. Just kidding :P

    1. pretty sure she knows hes gay. LOL :P

    2. Hmmm... Didn't think of that and you could be right! Lol... Maybe a crush on you!! (:

    3. OMG! ROFL!!
      She knows i'm gay la...
      But interesting theory though! Lol!
      "Fondle adam apple" pula..