Wednesday, 2 January 2013

339 : New Year Resolution

I won't remember nuts about my new years resolution 2 weeks from now so i shall make it them really simple ones..

2013 resolutions :
1. Get fit.
As every other resolution made by anyone there, get fit.
I been carrying baby fats on my tummy since I can remember. It ain't funny when your belly jumps when you jump as well..
Its just really mild belly but sigh..
I'm almost to my 6 pacs, so close yet so far!
Getting fatter everyday since i got back.. -.-

2. Pass all my papers
Don't screw up exams.
Retaking ain't cheap..

3. Potato
(Edit :My favorite words.. lol.. I use them alot..) 

Yups.. Thats all.
Short and sweet.
Anything else will come as the year goes by. No point planning every step of the year huh?

Have a great year!
See you guys in a week(Or more)!



  1. Papaya!!!

    Good life... Everyday holiday~


  2. I don't get number 3.

    Instead being a "couch potato" you would rather have more "bananas" ?

  3. its the freaking annoying potato-banana song right?suck like shit man.

    Anyway, good and simple resolutions.

    where's mine?!

  4. The potato banana thing is referring to like Caucasian and Chinese that doesn't speak Chinese?

    LOL tak faham pun....

  5. Since I don't have a blog, I hope to pinjam this small place to write.

    1) To be stay healthy
    2) To be happy
    And finally
    3) To be positive mentally

    Thank you. (:

    Oh... What's with potato-banana? (;

    1. Ewh?? tak malu and i think you already achieved all that years back. You have to come up with "new" ones laaa.... :P

    2. Hahahaha... Sometimes maintaining what you've achieved is harder than starting a brand new one. Anyway, another of my resolution is to share the positive thoughts with people I cross path with.

      Maybe I should rephrase my resolutions.
      To be healthier
      To be happier and
      To spread the positive vibes with people I connect with

  6. hey, when i read "banana" and "i use them a lot" my mind went wild...


    but yeah, may you realize all your resolutions this year!

    take care!

  7. hahaha..."baby fats"?? Still around?? Amboiii!!!

  8. Let's encourage each other to get our 6 packs abs goal eh~