Saturday, 19 January 2013

344 : Well.. that was awkward..

Malaysians being typical Malaysians,
People usually meet at least 20 mins late..

So when people say meet at 5.30pm means everyone will reach at 6pm or 7pm.

Wanting to avoid the after work jam and SHM concert crowd, I was there before 5pm while the last person at 7pm..

M actually came in time so we meet up in front of the restaurant. After around 20 mins of waiting, we decided to get a place before hand. We turned around, walked into the restaurant and towards the door person of the restaurant. That's when it became really awkward.

M walked up to the door person and asked 'Can i have a table for..'.
Before he could even finish, the enthusiastic girl went "Table for TWO???".

It was so damn awkward that she assumed we were a couple. My god, two guys walking in the restaurant doesn't necessarily mean they are a couple. We both looked at each other and laughed.

"Er.. i love this guy la, but not in that way.. Can we have a table for 8 instead?". The waiter didn't react and just showed us to our table.

Hope she didn't make him uncomfortable.. lol

Awkward.. awkward, awkward..

M is straight.. 


  1. Wait, I need to get the character right.

    Is M, "rainbow" as well ?

    Am confuse now.

  2. i think she's just excited that a cute guy like you is probably together with a hot guy like M.

    maybe she even thought of having a threesome! bwahahahahaha

  3. I'm always the early bird..wait for 2-3 hours? Normal thing to me =( I think M sure okay with it. =)

    The awkward moment, when someone thought the guy having lunch with you is your boyfriend but he is my BROTHER!!! =.=

    1. whoaaa... now that is like awkward level to the max..

    2. Wah! So good boy one you. LOL! You kena before ke?? Yea, max level awkwardness. lol

  4. haha your friend is cute... does he know about you?

    1. Yups he does. Haha, which makes it more awkward.