Saturday, 26 January 2013

348 : 2nd Account

(Speaking in general : Not directed to anyone)

I'm only out to a certain group of people, a handful of close friends that I trust with my love life.
Can be said that I am still deep in Narnia, having tea with Azlan everyday by the Stone Table.

But anyways, I realize the numbers of anonymous accounts coming up on facebook. With nothing more than a default display picture or a picture of an animal with not a single face picture in sight, a birthday maybe, and a one line description of their "self". Just curious but why would people accept accounts like these on your main account? To be stalked?

I find it really unfair for the person displaying all their information while the other has nothing on. Practically a free buffet of pictures, friends and details for the anon account. I'm sure they will say they don't have an anon account to stalk but truth be told, would you be able to resist the urge to stalk? Even without an anon account, everyone stalks each other, going through their pictures and profile pictures primarily the second a friend request is accepted. That's when the judging begins,

Another thing that confuses me is when anon accounts add other anon accounts. It looks like 2 Magikarps battle to me, and no, before they learn tackle. Nothing on each other accounts but their liking for hot men on their facebook page.

Don't get me wrong, I love the anon accounts on my Facebook, especially my sis. But it gets really awkward at times. When an anon account( usually with the oddest name) comment or post on my wall, the fear that friends will click on their profile to see the all the hot men in thongs or gay links everywhere, BUSTED!
Used to have a lot of a lot of anon accounts on my facebook few years ago before i did a sweep. Like what people always say "Its common courtesy to have a face pic when talking to people"

Anyways, who am i to say anything.. I have 2nd account to twitter.
I'm retarded..




  1. You didn't privatise everything as only friends can view??

    Well, I guess I'm the stalker type, browse the profile and not dare to add people. Family in my list so..ehem better becareful..panaroid gay here.

    1. Privatize dy.
      Hoho! Better hide from you.. ><!

  2. what with the post label? hahaha XD

    well, facebook is no longer that private anymore. time to move to new medium like tweet =)

    1. Haha, tweeting everyday.
      But anyways, labels only la.. Can type crap. haha

  3. Moral of the story, only add people if you think worth adding.

    Or else, being anonymous somehow adds "thrill" to the interaction.


    1. Lol! chatting without labels and expectation?

  4. I have a second account on both FB and twitter. Can't even remember the last time I used any of it. Can't be bothered. But yes, it does get awkward when anon accounts like or comment on stuff. Which is why I keep cleaning my friend lists all the time and not adding anyone I don't really know. I have 173 people on FB. around 130 are classmates. so it's like I HAVE to add them.

    Actually I can't be bothered to stalk someone once I add them. I do however stalk SOME people who I haven't added. Looking for reasons to add them ><

    Loving the labels for this post btw.

    1. Haha, i didn't know you have a second. I have your main anyways. lol. I feel too little people on facebook, quite boring la.. No updates, or scandals that pop up.

      Lol, same, i'm so lazy to stalk now a days.. haha

  5. hahaha me Anon! Me nasty LOL :P :P

    But of course I 'xing mok' won't simply go and comment and like your statuses.. These days I'm also more careful in accepting friend requests, like you said especially other anon accounts..

    Actually I hardly stalk my friends on fb, it's only when you say it like that then only I go to your profile and see your pics haha! And occasionally ogle at your M, oh and also A, he is hot too :3

  6. sometimes, we expect people to use facebook like the way we do... and when we do not see the same behaviour, we make assumptions. and it can be quite unfair at times too. for example, i once got scolded by a friend (who is a very insecure person) who demanded to know why i block him from my facebook posts... he was so upset and avoided me for quite a while. i was kinda confused and asked him why he said so... in a very unfriendly tone, he said he cannot see any of my status updates anymore. he realized his boo boo when i explained to him that i had just done a housekeeping and had deleted all my previous status updates...

    1. He sounds quite scary though.. Like a stalkerish..
      But for me also.. I got deleted and block by friends also.. Sien..
      There are only that number of unique ones la.. most people are the stereotype stalker ones..

    2. haha Leo Nut, nope, he is not a stalker. but he is a super duper insecure person...