Thursday, 11 July 2013

389 : Out by stupidity.

*Walking to work
Baby, did you see my relationship request?? =3
Yea, I saw it. Why so random? Thought you don't want to change?
Its okay, Announce it to the world!
Err.. Okay.. if you say so.. *Clicks accept*

Clocked in for work, was about to off my phone and I started getting messages of congratulations and how proud they are that I'm coming out of the closet. 

OMG!! Puppy!! WHAT HAVE WE DONE?? People are messaging me and congratulating me!
WHAT??? It's not private??
Mine wasn't..
I was only joking! I thought yours was too!
Oh shit, puppy, you better fix it, I'm already at work. Go log in and fix it!
I'm in class!
*Tries logging into facebook, Facebook : Your account has been locked, please log in using safari*

Puppy.. we are so dead.. 

I was panicking so bad, I actually spilled tea all over my favourite pair of pants and my pants are now stained. Only about 20 minutes later Puppy told me he got everything under control and I offed my phone for work.

Only after work I logged into Facebook to see this and many private messages.
Kinda nice to see how accepting people you don't expect to be are.

Apparently puppy ran to the library just to change it. <3

To the first comment and others that commented, thank you! Except for tuls.. Apa berpuasa ni! lol!

To most people that ask why am I scared to come out, Its not exactly a "scared" issue, but its rather there are people out there that i don't want them to know (Eg. Cousins, Aunts, close minded people) that can use that information against me.. lol..

Actually fell sick working almost everyday due to the under-staff problem since its winter break.
Sleeping till 2pm never felt so good in ages. Better get well before my next shift..


Ps. What the hell are so many people doing up at 8am Malaysian time?? Seriously don't even know who saw it and who didn't.. 


  1. I didn't see it. Because I don't have your Facebook. LOL!
    Anyway, congrats and hope that accidental revelation wouldn't cause much trouble to you. :)

    1. Haha! Is that a hint for my facebook?..

      Surprisingly life is as normal, even some guys that liked it didn't say anything.. lol

    2. Since you realise the hidden meaning, may I? :P

  2. Replies
    1. i missed it!! damn :/

    2. Haha, i know!!
      Alex you go change and i go like. =P

      Jboy, you go enjoy your old man trip! haha

    3. I dint saw!!! Puppy dint approve me!!!

  3. do not let others pressure you to come out, just be your self and do whatever you are comfortable with.
    may you and puppy last forever ^^

    1. I know. But sometimes things like this just makes me realise how insignificant the issue of being gay is during this modern times. =DD

      Thanks for your blessing anon!