Wednesday, 17 July 2013

392 : Awkward friendly conversation with a Stranger.

Was wiping the walls when I heard a knock on the door.
Naturally I unlocked and answered the door, only to see a young woman standing at the other side.
A young local Australian around mid 20's, brunet hair styled in a suicide roll, spotting in a black short dress.
Was pretty decent and sweet looking if you ask me.

Sorry, I'm cleaning up here, would you mind using the disabled toilet? (Yes.. I was cleaning toilets, poor boy gotta earn a living too!)

Sorry to interrupt..  Someone is in the disabled toilet.. I really just want to use a mirror, can i come in?

Yea sure, i guess so. 

*Walks in*

Stupid job, they actually want us the hand wipe the walls with paper towels..
Sorry if its awkward or uncomfortable with a guy in the female toilet while you are in here.. 

Hahaha, its okay. You know whats awkward? Coming here with my ex. *Putting on lipstick*

What?? Your ex?? 

Yea. That's why I gotta make him jealous! How do i look?? *Stands and pose for me*

Err.. You look awesome to me!

Really? Do you think my hair needs a little here and there? *Playing around with her hair*

Nah, you look prefect already.

Okay, what about this? Should i drape my hair on both sides? or only one side?

Hmm.. Show me again?

*Both sides*, *One side*

Definitely one side. 

Yea, thought so too. Okays, wish me luck! Time to make my ex jealous!

Hahahaha, good luck!! 

When I was actually done and walked out, I saw her sitting there all poise and elegant looking.
Girl knows what she wants!

Anyways, quick update to keep a memory.
Kinda funny how random events and strangers can just brighten up a boring day.

Awkward friendly conversations with a girl in the female toilet. I'm getting gayer by the day.. lol



  1. I love random stuff. It always gives me a smile

  2. Love it too! Things like this only happens in places like Melbourne! Love how random people can be.

    In Malaysia, they would run for the hills!

  3. I think you are the one who made her day! Such a nice guy =)