Sunday, 21 July 2013

393 : Here is your drink.

L    : Excuse me madam, sorry for the wait, here is your drink.
M   : Thank you.
HB : Excuse me?? WHERE IS MY DRINK??
L    : Sorry?
HB : I ordered a drink and its not here yet.
L    : Sorry, i'm check with the kitchen.
HB : I want it now!!!
L    : Okay.

Getting scolded during work for something that was totally not being my fault? Not the first time and I'm quite used to it.

Getting scolded by a female drag queen? *Check off list to do before I die.*

Ended up giving my manager the drink to serve to Mrs. Head Bitch.

Obviously the prettiest one is the head bitch. Anyways, regulars at my work place, about a group of 4 usually. Most of us can agree, they are all freaking hot!! (except for one..). Always dress well with a full set of make up and accessories. I can say they are one of the nicest people that comes in. Since all 4 of them are Malay, they always order in malay too.. Once two of them came in and I actually thought one of them was freaking hot until she opened her mouth. Never the less, she still caught the attention of the whole staff. Saw that HB has a hot aussie boy friend that came to pick her up after dinner too..

Speaking of drags.

Actually got sucked into the drag world. Seriously fascinating i would say. The way they do their make up and all. I myself have no interest to drag but seeing famous drags just blows my mind. Been watching RuPaul's Drag Race and I recommend any open-minded, drag loving, bored with their one month break person to watch!

Sashay Shante!
Sashay you stay, now Shante away. 

Watching weird stuff online.


  1. Which season you are on now ?

    Remember, if you can't love the hell you gonna love somebody else ?


  2. Yo bitches, you're lookin hot today. leeme give you some sugar

  3. I miss having holidays ):

    Should add this to the list of things I should watch!