Thursday, 8 September 2011

72: Irony

The most ironic thing happened..
Like a miracle, the passion i felt toward the man i had fancy for the pass weeks just faded.
Poof! Gone!
People says absence makes the heart grow fonder but not my case, guess the week i spent in Australia really cleared my thoughts, allowing me to see without the distraction of my eye.

Ironically, the second i realize my crush is over, i had opportunities to spend time with him. Taking today as an example, i spend almost the whole day with him, literally most of the time RIGHT BESIDE him. In his car, i set in the passenger sit, why? I have no idea, 4 people in his car, everyone automatically sat at the back.What happen to people liking to call shotgun?. During walking leisure time, dinner time, all beside him! He even ordered that same food and we shared drinks. WHYYYY!!! Evil evil life.. teasing me.

I came to realize through people's conversations, many people still dont accept us for who we are. So far, i've heard a few close friends including my sister's boyfriend dissing on us.
As much as i want to stand up for us, i somehow just kept quite.
I need their support, i cherish their presence..
So now what do i do?
I really want a boyfriend and such but currently, i think between a hot boyfriend and friends, i think i would choose friends if it means coming out and losing my friends.. Im just not ready.. My friends make me how i am today.. Sounds so stupid huh? Im sure im going to get comments like they arent friends if they cant accept you etc but i really dont know..


  1. Of course friends come first. At the end of the day, you will need a strong support group.


  2. I so totally know that feeling of suddenly not having feelings for someone anymore, even though you were so crazy about him not too long ago.

    It's scary how quickly the heart can change right!

    And the irony thing, it happens to all of us i guess.. it's god's way of messing with our heads :P

  3. To ooi, im sure you are stud. :P

    To Chen Xing, m vary scared i lose everything la... :(

    To Jboy, I know right!! Stupidly my heart is heading a different direction again!! Damn.... lol

  4. It does not sound stupid. Coz, right now your friends are everything you have. If you come out and they can't accept you for who you are it won't be the best thing. So take your time. You'll feel it when it's the right time.

    And, I do agree with the fact that if they can't accept you for who you are they're not really your friends. But that's not important right now.