Sunday, 18 September 2011

77 :Fat??

Last week about a group of 5 of us went to McDonald for lunch :
Klx: "hm.. what should i eat... i havent been here for months" (Scans the menu for the least unhealthy thing)
Friend: "Take the burger!"
Klx: "Fat already.. must eat less.."
Friend: "Where got..." (Pokes my tummy fats) "GASP! you are!! "
Klx: -.-''

Apparently according to many people, i give out an illusion that im thin. True.. im awesome like that.. but its true.. lol. Anyone got any techniques on losing tummy fats? Got my damn tummy from 4 years of sleeping right after food..  Hm.. maybe i shall tell people its a beer belly from the time i won the state championship drinking competition. Someone is bound to believe it.. :3

P.s I dont drink.. Yet.. :P

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  1. Hahahaha I totally have the same illusion spell! :P It's a lovely little trick from Celtic times called "glamour/glamar" and fairies were notorious for using it to fool those lowly mortals into believing they looked prettier than they supposedly were. XD It's the sort of clothes we wear, I think, and our naturally small frames that do it. Then again... I dunno if I would still say I'm fat... but you know how it is... there's always something about the image to pick at... if it's not a lament about my (perceived) ever-increasing weight, it will be a dirge, proclaiming the dullness of my complexion... or maybe a swan song about my never-ending hair troubles. Sigh~ but yeah, Ray said something really uplifting to me the other day and that is "if people supposedly perceive you as attractive and not fat, then you ARE attractive and not fat!" ... and that's a comforting though.

    but look at me... started out wanting to answer your question on tummy loosing techniques and I ended up giving you my life story instead (for that, read my blog, hehe)... but if you're trying to drop that gut, there are basically two ways you can go about it.

    1. The healthy way. Which involves a lot of work. Cardio, lots and lots of cardio, which can be achieved by running up and down the stairs of your college... did you know it only takes about 100,000 steps a month to loose about 2kgs of fat!!! Provided of course, you don't eat more fatty stuff than your body can burn them... which brings me to my next point. Split your meals evenly and in small bits. And avoid oily, starchy or fatty (obviously!) foods. Do not skip meals or you might end up going into starvation mode and retain MORE fat than loose it. Also, stop eating (and I mean stop!) after 8pm or so. This gives your body time to digest the food before you sleep. To increase your metabamolism you might want to consider having a single slice of grapefruit after each meal. (Not sure if the last one actually works but... hey, if you can try it. Do!)

    And that leaves us finally with,

    2. The unhealthy way! Now, I wouldn't recommend this la... but seeing as to how I've tried some of them, here they are just for your benefit. Starve. Just, starve. I don't even mean skip meals. I mean starve. Feel hungry? Well you're not! So just take a gulp of water and pray it will go away. Smell something awesome your friend is eating? Well you CAN'T HAVE IT CUZ YOU'RE A BIG FAT TUB OF LARD! Basically, just starve yourself, and when you starve yourself to the point where you can't take it anymore... have something small... and bland... and non-fattening. That way, even if your body - in starvation mode as it must be now - tried to sequester what little fat you're putting in it to keep you alive (were you actually in a starving situation)... there won't be any! MUAHAHAHA take that body!!! Alternatively, you may always try bulimia... but I wouldn't recommend it. Vomiting doesn't look very pretty... or attractive... and if you're loosing weight because you wanted to look attractive in the first place... wel. uh... OH and also, some people will swallow a live tapeworm, which supposedly does wonders in weight loss... but I wouldn't recommend it either.


  2. Belatedly I realized I should've just made this into a blog post.

    oh well.