Thursday, 15 September 2011

75: Excuse me?

"Excuse me"
Just a simple word that should already be a norm to everyone however, 2 people specifically proved me wrong..

First Story..
It was break time between classes so i decided to step out of class for a moment as usual. Since everyone's class periods ends at the same time, there were alot of traffic on the corridors. So i just stood by the door and look out. One of my class mates grabbed both my shoulders and literally pulled and shove me away from the door. So i thought she might be in a rush but all she did was look outside for 2 seconds, turn around and walk back into class. I was so shock by how rude she was i just blabbed out "What the fuck?!?". Then only she heard me and went "Ohh, i dint realize, sorry ahh."*stupid lala face*.  Few days later another of my friend complained to me as she fell victim to another shoving..Stupid rude bitch..

Second Story
I was standing beside my seat at the isle in class today and one of the class guys casually used both hands to push me aside just to pass. Like what the hell?? Cant say excuse me? 18 years of your life and no one told you how to say excuse me? Later that day he did the same thing again!! I was so annoyed! Right after he pushed me he asked if i can lend him my sunglasses. FAT NO and he was like "walaooo, friends for so long, econs partner etc" Stupid shit.. Just so pissed at him!!

I think im just really not used to this type of people. No matter how "cool" you think you are i think you should at least have some basic manners.. Argh!!

Ranting of,


  1. Agree. It just shows that they are of different class. Different level.

    So, excuse that you in the picture on the right ?


  2. Once someone accidentally walked into me... and out if reflex I just apologized... but that fat bitch gave me such a look - really, it made all THREE of her chins wobble - that I just went like "OMG, if you're gonna be like that I take it back!" The nerve of some people!!! Then, as she was storming away from me, the periphery of her bulk 'walked' into two other people, and I couldn't help but LOL. Loudly.

  3. To chen xing, refering them as a lower class is an understatement. LOL, and yup, thats me. :P

    To Cyren, LOL!! I would have laughed out loud just so that she can hear it. :P

  4. The way I see it, saying "excuse me" doesn't mean that one is being polite either. Many use it as an accepted alternative to "fuck off".


    I was at the market with my mom one day, picking fruits at the stall while chit-chatting. A woman came from behind, tried to squeeze in between us and kept saying "excuse me". I lost my cool and was almost shouting at her, "what do you mean excuse me? Can't you see that my mom and I are picking fruits and you keep pushing us? Go excuse yourself!". She was really shocked.

    "Excuse me" is to excuse yourself. In other words, it's like saying "sorry". It doesn't entitle one to cut the queue. That said, I rarely budge whenever someone says "excuse me". I usually just stare down at them and say "you're excused". Thank heavens I'm tall! =P