Monday, 26 September 2011

79: Distance

Her dance steps were expressive,
Each pop, each lock of the muscles, convey her emotions.
Being her, the strong, tough girl that everyone respects, it hurts to see her dancing like that.
She says she is okay but everyone knew what was wrong.
With the change in mood of the song, her emotions overpowered her.

Today i witness a friend break down.
She sat seiza style in the middle of the studio, with her hands covering her face, tears flowing down her chin.
She was crying uncontrollably.
We stopped everything and sat around her, that was the best we could do.
No matter what we could not bring her boyfriend back from UK, 6000 miles away..

I could feel her emotions, her sadness of a long distance relationship..
Even thinking back now.. i feel like crying..
I really wish such sorrow never existed..  :(

Ps. Wasnt much of a date i guess.. lol, will update soon..


  1. Klex, are you majoring in dance or performing arts in college ?

  2. I think he is majoring in business.

    Anyway in my performances right... I hate it when people get emotional and/or cry. Whatever the reasons. I always ask them to can it and be professional, or get off my stage. >.< a bit tough huh? But that's showbiz for ya.