Tuesday, 13 September 2011

74 : Bi curious?

As i've stated in my last post, im crushing on another straight friend.
My usual thoughts told me its just a fling, enjoy what i can and move on but somehow this toke a weird twist.
I was online one day when i heard the usual facebook buzz rang. It has him.
"Eh ck! i just notice your profile, its complicated?"
"Damn long time ago la.. lazy to change, later got all the comments and all"
"Lol, i want change and see what i get."
"Then when you change i change with you"
Me, Him

2 seconds later, Please confirm relationship status with *****.
All i could say is Wtfffff... lol *click accept* :P

So now im in a fictional relationship with the guy im crushing on.
Kinda bittersweet dont yea think? So far im getting lots of commnets but heh, as long as im "with" him.

Yes, i am confirm he is straight
What wonders me is do you think he is bi curious? . Seldom see guys willing to expose themselves to others as being gay.

Ahhh... <3 you!


  1. Hahahaha you just confirmed he is straight. LOL if he is straight how can he be bi-curious? LOL unless you meant straight-curious. But you know what, I think there's no assuming with these things... you can't just say someone is... or isn't. There's no way of telling. And no matter what anybody will say, there's no such thing as an infallible sense of gaydar. Period. But like we sudah cakap semalam... just let it be and see where it goes. Who knows, maybe he is testing the waters, just as you are. I see though that despite assertions to the contrary, your relationship status is still "in a relationship with *** ***** **** ******** (*****)" so.... *shrugs*

    EH EH! Tell me if anything happens k? Then we can double date XD

  2. soooo cute :) enjoy the thrill and how nice if it comes true ;)

  3. Ooo, interesting. Someone must be darn right happy at this moment.

    Correct ?

  4. Ah.... i can feel how magically, every moment that you are in now. It's really a wondrous moment. Smiling even when you pick your nose. :) Want this to go on? Be grateful that he became your friend. Remain as friends. No confessions from you. Unless he tells you he is BI or He loves gay. Then turn into Tiger.