Saturday, 17 September 2011

76 : S.A.D

Happy Malaysian Day everyone!! and happy holiday to everyone else who dint celebrate.
So today my family decided to go to a Restaurant Ping Wah we never been before in Paramount.
The second we were seated, we were greeted by one of the restaurant owner, a women who spoke fluent english, something i never seen before running a chinese coffee shop like restaurant.  She was really friendly and came to check up on the progress of our meal regularly.

Before we left, she was taking to my parent about her son, how he got his degree and all and decided to take over the family restaurant. She mention that he lost 30kg after going on a liquid diet for 6 months. His reason? He was S.A.D.
 Single, Available and Desperate

We laughed so hard!
An simple joke from the most unexpected source that made my day.
The food there is awesome btw. Should go try is some time. :P
Hope you guys had an awesome day!



  1. You too ! Enjoy the rest of the weekends.


  2. LOL! SAD = Single And Desperate :P

  3. Hahha.... I think i'll laugh till i drop too. Like you say. it's the unexpected source that makes it even funnier. So have you seen the son b4? I am really qurious of how big the change is.