Monday, 22 August 2011

68: Crazy parents

One of my friend has been really moody lately, being a normal practice i gave him a hug and asked him whats wrong. He toke out his phone and flip through a few message before showing me a message that i suppose was from his mum. To my horror, i never expect to see the words "Grab your neck and slaughter them like a duck when you get home" from a parent...  I was just filled with rage and sympathy, towards his parents and him respectively. How could a mother be so heartless to her own child? Her own flesh and blood and she is treating him like a slave.
He is an excellent dancer. When he was young, he met with an accident and he injured his back bone. Now he cant do stun moves and such during dance. Why am i telling you this? When he injured his back, his parents treated him as a burden. Asking him why must he injured his back. Why must he burden the whole family.
Every time i log into facebook i see his tweets.. How his parents have banned him from activities, how they screamed at him, how he is crying..
I just feel so sad for him, i really dont know what i can say to comfort him.. I passed him back his phone, and gave him the warmest hug.. hoping that it would make him feel at least a bit better..

On another note.. I started to get the cold shoulder from Mr.crush... I really dont know what i did.. just bummed... Really gets me down..  I miss talking to him.. "maybe he has personal problems i guess?" i comfort myself as we exchange a casual "bye.."



  1. Hmmm maybe he's jealous of the relationship he thinks you have with your parents. I mean, I know we all have our own set of parental dramas... but some of them are really too much! Unfortunately, as outsiders, there's not much we can do but give our emotional support. Short of asking him to run away (something which I would NEVER do... because in all practicality his parents are the ones who are funding him right now) he needs to be strong personally and set a goal for himself, fight for something worth it... parental emancipation perhaps... or just more personal freedom that comes with greater life opportunities. But back to the topic, I do not believe that parents have any right to treat their children like this. To make a child feel as if he or she is a burden or a dissapointment is something perfectly uncalled far. True, they are the ones who raised us, paid for us, clothed us etc... and not to be ungrateful but... hey that was THEIR choice, when they DECIDED to have a child. The responsibilities simply came with the decision and people should stop treating their kids as if they were some property investment or something and treat them, quite simply, as independant human beings. Your friend has my utmost condolences and I would advice you to tell him to seek guidance from the school councillor. It helps, sometimes, to have an adult talk to you about such things :)

  2. My mother used to ban me from dance activities, but then I showed to her how much I have enjoyed doing it. Eventually, she accepted as she came to a point that she can't stop me from doing things I like.


    As for Mr.Crush, you are only allow to be depressed for a week. After that, you pick yourself up and find yourself a new crush. Ok ?

    Sounds like a plan ?

  3. i rather have Bree Van de Kamp as my mum,than this crazy b***h

  4. I think you'll feel fine after a few weeks?

    I'm sensing a pattern I have here. Haha. First it's the obsession with the guy. Then comes the realization that you can't have him. And then you keep your distance for a while and finally try to be friends. At that point you notice he is withdrawn. But it all works out in the end. Atleast that's what happens to all my straight crushes.

  5. To cyren, lol, sudah berbincang dengan you. :P

    To Chen Xing, but my friend's parents are like super irrational, they scold him for all the stupidest reasons ; A week??? Where can.. lol

    To Bradley, i know right!! Such a bitch indeed.. lol

    To Aiden, i seriously hope i can still be friends after the withdrawn.. :(