Wednesday, 17 August 2011

66: Updates.

I'm feeling awesome!! I manage to successfully indulge myself in something. Maplestory.. lame right? haha
I'm not emoing or anything of that sort anymore.
I've been rather hyper actually..
I do still think about him though..
Somewhere inside me, i feel hope..

Was online with him till around 3am few days ago,
Raining heavily, he said he wished he had a girlfriend to cuddle.
The only reply i could give was "me too".
At least i know he is a romantic?..

Anyways, guess im generally happier now.
Thanks Aiden and Chen Xing!
Want to gossip even though I'm feeling better? :P


  1. I'm glad that you're feeling better! =]

    And yes! Haha. Email!!

  2. There you go, it's just a phase. No one will go all feeling sad and down forever.


    If it could make you feel even better, then why not ? Shoot right away.