Monday, 1 August 2011

60: Is it okay?

Is it okay??
To like the guy that every single girl is drooling over?
I felt a little annoyed when i overheard my friend saying she saw his ex sending signs to him few days ago..
Only a while later did i realize she has all the rights to.. She is a girl, I'm a guy anyways. The chances are he will go for her again.
In addition to looks and build, he is so friendly and caring.
He even bought me bubble tea and dinner before.
Such a sweet guy..
i'll just have to learn to keep my distance.

Anyways, here's 2 dance videos for you guys to enjoy. :P



  1. K-pop songs ?

    Well, if he's taken...perhaps that's the sign for us to look elsewhere. Yup, we can go all sad and emo but then only for a short period of time. After that, we'll just need to smile and carry on with what we are doing.


  2. Oh God! I wrote a comment here and closed the tab after clicking 'post comment' but before typing the word verify thingy >_<

    Anyway,I think I wrote something like this before: Why are straight guys so nice and adorable?! And girls always say that all the nice guys are either taken or gay. Like hello! Where are the nice gay guys then?! I think it's best if you stop thinking about him for a while? In time, you'll be able to accept him as a friend =]

  3. try to take an opportunity be alone with him,see what's his action :P

  4. Olla~ Nice Gay Friend/Mentor coming through... one word of advice, don't entertain these "straight boy crushes" they usually get... messy ><

  5. Hmm..don't give gay community a bad name~ best to leave a straight guy alone..

  6. To chen Xing, There are alot more dances but kpop's video is the only clear one. Yea.. Hurts but i guess i'll downgrade myself to hi's and bye's with him.

    To Aiden, I know right! They are always damn adorable to us.. Already trying to stop thinking about him too much already.. :(

    To Bradley, the thing is i've been alone with him alot of times before, which is one of the reasons for this post. Spending one on one time with someone can change you.. lol <3

    To Cyren, i know... trying already..

    To Chris, lol, i wont pounce on him la...

    To Tuls, hm.. *hint* i dont really work out.. So you know which dy?? lol

  7. the behindest.. if there is such a word! hahahahaha

  8. There is in your Dicktionary... lol