Saturday, 6 August 2011

63: See yea..

This must be the most depressing blog in the blogsphere currently..
I just feel frustrated with my current situation,
Falling grades, project due dates, straight crush, bottled up emotions...
Avoiding him indirectly has made me stop going for dance practices which is making me feel very restless..
Another thing about people around me commanding authority without even knowing how inferior their position is just annoys me..
I really need to take a break from everything..
I need to catch my breath..
I'll see you guys in a few weeks then..
I miss him..



  1.'s ok to take a break once in a while. Make sure you rest well and comeback fully rejuvenated !!!


  2. It's always good to take a break =]

  3. Klex~ what you need to do is take a long walk. Alone, mind you... not with friends or anything, and by walk I do literally mean walk. Doesn't necessarily have to be a place that's "back with nature" or anything... could be the mall or anything ... but just... walk. Alone. And then let your mind think like. .. whatever. Either you will come up with an epiphany, or after running those thoughts through your head multiple times... AWAY from the reality of them for a moment you will become so detached that the idea will soon start to form that... it's gonna be okay.

    because... it IS gonna be okay. Hang in there k? Remember, if you need anything, anyone to talk to, any small favours... help is just an sms away :)

  4. i like the sexually explicit clip u put

  5. Focus on the grades. Everything else can wait for another little while.