Monday, 29 August 2011

70: The view..

I began to feel restless as I opened the airplane window previously closed to shield myself from  scorching afternoon sun. It was close to dark now, 6.30pm, my watch reads as i pass into Australian border.
The most amazing scene welcome my sight as i looked out the window. The sun's fading beams outlined the ocean line, making the world's end visible. It was breathtaking! I scan the vast ocean below and imagined the marine lives directly below me. A whale perhaps? Making its yearly migration around the world. My train of thought was suddenly broken by the setting sun. Clear colours can been seen, from the bright red lining the ocean fading to the indigo purple sky. It was just simply breathtaking. At that moment i thought how nice it would be if i could share the view with you. The sun set completely and the rainbow of colours retreated along with it, leaving behind the dark field for the stars to play. I closed the window as i suddenly remembered how much i'm going to miss you.


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