Wednesday, 3 August 2011

61: Woke up angry..

I woke up angry today..
Not at anyone but at myself..
Just don't know why.. I was so confused..

I realize i don't like body contact anymore.
I used to love hugs and headlocks that my friends give and all but now i feel really uncomfortable with body contact...
Just don't feel like my usual self anymore..

That aside.. Anyone had straight crushes before?
What did you guys do about them?
Just asking for opinions :(



  1. Haha Klex, I think the question should be anyone who hasn't had straight crushes before!!

    It sucks. It really does. I think the best solution is to avoid seeing that person until those feelings fade a little. Because the more you see him, the more miserable you become.. and the feelings linger on and on and on....

    So just stop giving yourself excuses to think about him, and over time it gets better. I know I say this a lot, but time does heal everything, especially feelings because they fade eventually :)

  2. Totally agree with J-boy. Avoiding them is the best solution (:

  3. That's the thing with us, knowing that they are straight...we still want to fall for them. Aiks...

  4. To Jboy, i really hope they fade!!! Im still thinking about everything and i dont think its going to fade anytime soon..

    To Aiden, Trying to avoid.. But still trying looking for him but he is never there when i'm looking for him.. :(

    To Chen Xing, Yea.. Still falling for them.. :(

  5. Tell urself that it's their loss for being straight. Our world is more fabulous! :D