Friday, 12 August 2011

64: Random updates.

Avoiding him was a total fail.
Felt so uncomfortable avoiding him especially when im dying to talk to him.
Especially when i lock eyes with him accidentally and look away in the most retarded manner while trying to look natural.

Walked into the studio today, saw him dancing with another 2 members.
I grab my stuff and head to the door, the second i open the door to leave, i heard :
"Hey kay, want to learn a new choreography?"
And guess who threw their things aside and learn and new choreography today?
That aside, the feelings are fading day by day.
A stupid slutty girl was flirting with him today..
I'll slap that slut if she flirts some more..
Guess that was kinda a wake up call.

Today is my first ever love's b'day,
Should i wish him?..
Kinda ended badly few years ago.. :(

Its 4am.. Got a test and presentation tomorrow, better get some shut eye..


1 comment:

  1. It's up to you whether you want or don't want to wish him so long you know what you are in for.

    Cheer up, and have a great weekend !