Tuesday, 3 July 2012

253 : Horror Movie

I was browsing through tumblr and someone recommended a movie. It's called White: The Melody of the Curse.

Intelligent me, i decided to watch it at night, alone, in my room, with only one dim table lamp. WORST IDEA EVER!!

The second the horror started i was in a state of panic.. My room being almost full mirror doesn't help either.. That's when i gave in and went to my brother for help..

L : Eh... can i watch a movie in your room?..
K : Huh? Why?
L : It's a horror movie.. and I'm scared..
K : O.o
L : It's Korean..
K : Oh.. Okays.. But face your laptop away from me and plug in ear phones!
L : Okay..

Half way through i took off my earphones and watched the whole movie without sound..

At the end of the movie I didn't dare to go outside my bro's room because it was pitch dark, had to side walk to the light switch..

I ended up Skype calling my friend and taking him where ever i go, to the toilet, to the living room just so I didn't feel i was going to get killed any moment..

Going back from the toilet..
L : Okays.. I can do this.. I can do this.. Just a switch and run..
(Flicks the living room switch off)

Besides giving my friend a good laugh i guess I'm okay..
I'm still quite jumpy now..
I'm not good at horror movies..
How bout you guys?



  1. U are not good and u still wanna watch it??? >_< I would never, ever gonna watch a horror movie ever again...the last time I watched it was during high school..haha

  2. horror movie is never my thing...
    ghost is scarier than mean bitches...lol ;p

    1. Like this comment, I need someone to watch with me so I can hide behind his back [sounds bodoh but yah]

      bitches less scary

  3. i remember watching a horror movie back in aussie in my room, i did not sleep until it was the next day. somehow sleeping in the day after watching a horror movie is less scarier..huhuhuh...