Thursday, 12 July 2012

257 : Grimm

Holidays really takes that sanity away from someone.

Before holidays everyone is like :
"I can't wait!"

During holidays everyone goes :
"Why the hell did I even look forward to this??"
Anyways, downloaded the books by the Grimm Brothers.
Its really how Disney has modified the stories.

Ariel dies in Little Mermaid, the prince in Rapunzel was blinded, there are 8 godmothers in Sleeping Beauty, Snow White is a dumb bitch, and so on...

Makes me go "My life is a lie!!". 
I guess Disney can't have children crying at the end of the movie.. lol.

I think I'm Sleeping Beauty.. Rather then sleeping, its rather being single for 100 years. lol
But i have faith!
Though there aren't any dragons in the Original Sleeping Beauty,
My prince is fighting the dragon now.

He better fucking hurry up..

Where is your prince?

"I don't want a happy ending. In fact, i don't want an ending at all. I want the happy middle parts."

Fairy Tales,


  1. I dono where my prince is, I hope I can make my way to save him ^^

  2. Ya, 100 years later your prince will come.


  3. Ya, 100 years later your prince will come.


  4. Ouh! if you like these kinda books, you should watch Once Upon A Time! It's a series where they kinda twist all the different disney stories to make them more dark and disturbing. Like how Red Riding Hood is actually the wolf. She turns out to be a werewolf haha

  5. 8 stepmothers? == how does it contribute to the the story? zz

  6. must be mot*er f*cking hell of a dragon that he's fighting... but its worth the wait...