Friday, 6 July 2012

255 : Heart vs Brain vs Penis

Never ending battle between them 3.
 Lust, Love and The Right Thing to do?

Was quite down since the previous post and some how I was convinced i loved the guy, that my rejection was a mistake. We talked more then usual after that, skyping each other few hours at a time in the afternoon and night.  Sending each other cheeky messages and all and planning trips when i get back.

It was all good. Until..

I decided to wank..

Right after that everything felt so wrong!! I was like "OMG!! WHAT HAVE I DONE??" (The feeling of love and leading him on.. Not wanking.. Wanking never feels wrong.. :3)

What people say its true. If you still love that person after ejaculation, you are in love. If not its just lust.

Thinking with my dick again..

So far there has only been 3 people that I said/ could say "i love you" after. But heh.. Oh wells.

Got to go straighten things out before it goes futher.



  1. Better to think with the head first :)

    1. haha savante, which head? ;) :P :P

      but i think your test is quite interesting... next time if i think i'm in love with someone, i'll try your wank test and see if I really love that person XD

    2. Lol, and I have the same theory about this as well. If you still have feelings for him after the "touch my body" session, then it's love.


    3. But then it means "let's have sex and figure it out later"

    4. Haha yea, which head??

      Is it interesting? Its a feeling i guess that you get. Right after it just felt wrong sometimes.

      Haha, my test would involve to your "touch my body" theory if i actually manage to get to that stage.. Haha!

      Not exactly "let's have sex and figure it out later". Its more like a precaution or a prudence. Better find out soon then later? :D

  2. I know its got a good head on it, but your penis cannot actually think dear.

    But yeah I agree!!! If I wanna cuddle with someone after sex it is usually a good sign. Most of the times I feel like metaphorically stabbing them with a knife and hiding the body, before writing the entire episode off as something that never happened in my otherwise perfect and closure filled life :D ... is what I would be saying if I was not attached. The front part is true anyway! Its been a year and a half and I always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS wanna cuddle and sweet talk after intimacy and that's one of the ways I can tell that I am still in love (or not temporarily mad at my significant other)

    ... yeah we sometimes have angry sex and then don't talk to each other for 2 hours until we can cool down. Sort of like how bonobos solve their conflicts in the wild. Okay okay, TMI.


    1. Figure of speech la! hahaha.

      Stabbing them? Lol, yea like you say, i would want to cuddle after sex.. Not go "OMG! WHAT HAVE I DONE??". I'm yet to figure out how angry sex works.. lol

  3. Sometimes u could think too much