Monday, 9 July 2012

256 : The Right Way.

Was walking on a street with a dance friend today.
Walking by a place, he mentioned to me that there was a gay protest that happened there some time back.

Its always awkward when he talks about gay stuff to me, he knows I am but we still talk like when he doesn't? Like once a group of us talked about how he kissed a guy when he was drunk, we laughed but he gave me a look which gave me a "i know you are gay" message.. lol

Anyways, there was a protest held and he said at one point of the protest, 3 gay couples stood on the platform and started making out. He said it was just disturbing.

Honestly, i can't blame him and i felt ashamed.

They mean well and all but isn't a point of a protest to make someone understand? I really don't think making people force to see what they can't accept will do any good. It would just make the homophobic people have more against us and become more spiteful.

I know I don't have authority to comment on this but there is always a good way to do something and a bad way to do something.. Don't make the bad choice that would just have a reverse effect...

Just my two cents.


  1. I agree with you, its about getting the other people to understand you not to hate you even more...

    nothing we can do about it, there are all kinds of people out there...

    1. Yea.. but i just wish they did it better la..

  2. well said - can't agree more

  3. Can I say that the same goes with all other things related to "gay" people (as well as other minority groups)?

    I mean... it's really not just the "protests" you know, and I think what you are saying in this post is quite similar to what I was telling you awhile back about certain gay blogs and the type of posts that go on it. The things that are being said, the pictures (oh gosh, the pictures!) that are being used, all may be similarly interpreted by, let's call them the "general public".

    I know overgeneralized postings, slutty sexcapade stories, and sexy semi/fully nude photographs of smoking hot individuals are not predominantly a gay thing... but the fact is that gays are a social minority, and as a social minority we stick out like a sore thumb.

    And let's not even begin to talk about the "stereotypes" that gays tend to celebrate/fall in to. I mean, are near-naked men gyrating like common strippers on stage really necessary for advocating gay rights? Or for that matter, are similarly skanky photographs, or recollections of one's sexual experiences/fantasies absolutely imperative when writing gay blogs? I think in some way, we are ALL of us guilty in this. So there's no point pretending otherwise.

    Then again you can also say that no matter what, anything and everything we do may potentially be used against us... so... there you go. What to do? Just be a little bit more careful, I guess. And now that we all know about it, we can (HOPEFULLY!) be slightly more critical about our actions as well.

    1. Not exactly la..
      To me i still don't really agree with the blog part la.. Its the internet. There is a website for almost anything and everything. I'm sure there are sites far worst then a gay guy posting about his kinky experienced. The point of people using blogs as a media to distribute hate is just shows their desperation. The people that find our blogs are the ones that purposely typed out "gay blogs" on the search bar or has been link from a certain website, otherwise these blogs are literally hidden from the general public.

      The thing that made me write this post is that they did in out in the open. Every father, mother or child could see the make out session which is the thing that bugs me.. =/

  4. I think it is a cultural thing right... I cringe everytime I see photos of gay pride parade. For me, celebrating gay pride should be in a more somber tone like the sg pinkdot. More political. People getting together to show solidarity sort of thing. Looking at all the gay pride makes you wonder if all we achieve all these years is just getting the right to swing your hips half naked to loud music and make out in public...Anyway, yeah I think you got a point... I wont be too comfortable either if I was in a protest and guys start making out to state a point. But there is nothing to be ashame off...different people different strokes right....Oh and nice blog... was just surfing and stumble across it...:)