Wednesday, 25 July 2012

262 : Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas in July guys!
Apparently its kinda a Christmas Celebration held in July for countries such as New Zealand and Australia to get the "cold winter" feel for Christmas instead of the blazing sun in December.

Day started off horrible though..
8 hours of sleep and still i was so tired throughout the day which made me grumpy..
Wasted 3 hours in the afternoon just to get into a class which the teacher just sucks.

Computer work today and he didn't even stop to take a breath,
clicking away and expecting us to follow every single step,
worst thing was he scolded the class for talking when he was "teaching" when everyone was actually asking each other what was the next step,
the whole class didn't even know what was going on..

Went to the gym to cheer myself up and i ended up leaving the class halfway through.
Felt so annoyed somehow..

It was quite random but Mrs. Claus came in during another class and gave out coupons for a luck draw.
Kinda brighten up my day.
The whole gym was lighten up with laughter and jokes when she came in.
She was the head coordinator for all classes. LOL
Didn't win anything though. >.<

Was in the locker room today when a couple was using the locker beside me.
"Eh.. i buy you protein la.. Become nice and strong for me."
"Yerr.. I don't want.."
"People say its good wor.."
"Aiyo, people say you believe ah? Lets go la."

They were too cute la.. lol

Just remembered there are no such thing as bad days la..
Mrs. Claus and the couple really cheered me up.

Merry Christmas guys!


  1. Merry Christmas!

  2. Is the conversation been modified or they really talk like that??hahahaahha

    White xmas to u..prepare for scorching hot one if u still be there during summer..haha =P

    1. Depends how you read it.. The blue one has a really muscular tone.. while the other is less.. I got photos.. Haha!

    2. Wanna see...upload it la or put somewhere where i can access it..hehehe

  3. oh my best bud was in oz for like a few years and he never mentioned this before! must be weird for like foreigners to drop by and realized they probably moved into the future for 5 months in OZ!

  4. haha the couple is really cute!

    Yer... why I no bump into random cute gay couple like you do?