Friday, 7 September 2012

286 : Sizzle!

Stupidity, stupidity, stupidity.

Had a full day that day.
Practically didn't sleep the night before, rushing an assignment due in a few hours with my brother. Being a perfectionist he is, he insisted to find the mistake in one of our answers, given up i slept under table for an hour before continuing.

Sleep deprived, dragged myself to uni to dropped of the assignment, had my usual day activities and practices at the end of the day till almost 10pm.

When i got home there was a piece of steam fish and stir fried left by for my dinner while the others were out. Without thinking i put the cold fish into the microwave and turned it on. Whats stupid about it? You steam fish in a metal plate.

30 seconds later, i opened the microwave door and smoke rushed out. Like that wasn't a red alert enough. I reach in and grabbed the plate.


A sizzling sound erupted from the plate and I instantly withdrew my fingers from my plate. It felt like my index and thumb had a thin strip of tape stuck to it and could smell the familiar smell of pan fried meat. Initially i thought a piece of leak was stuck to my fingers but no, I had fried my fingers. The surface of my skin that had contact with the hot plate died and turned white. Surprisingly it doesn't hurt and it didn't become a blister, finger prints are fried off though.. lol?

My friends told me I sounded like a cannibal when i told them it actually smelled nice.. Its cooked meat anyways, it always smells nice.. right??

So yea, no experience like cooking your own meat huh?
Lesson learned, metal X microwave is a big no no, no matter how blur you were.

Stupidity to the max,


  1. oh come on, didn't your mama told you microwave only meant for glass-made plate...Lol, jk are too tired dude, go get some sleep tonight k...happy weekends.

    1. Mama actually didn't tell me lo... Haha

  2. u should have watch it while it turned..u can see sparks like those fireworks one..Done it before when I'm still dumb with electronics XD

  3. You really need to be more careful.

    At times like this, am sure you wished for a BF to come heat up the food for you.


    1. LOL! I never thought of that.. Long way to go la, i think i train a dog to heat up food for me faster. lol

    2. Tsk tsk tsk, dog won't give you the same feeling as a man.


      That's the truth.

  4. sometimes we all have our blonde moments XD

    did u get it checked out?

    1. Haha, memang blone. Nope. i check people out, not the other way round.. :P