Tuesday, 4 September 2012

284 : Fragile

Checking twitter and facebook today, I saw 3 different condolence post.
Not some celebrity passed away, RIP to them post,
but friends of friends.

I guess at my age range, death isn't a common visitor, unlike my mother and grandmother's conversations which commonly goes "is ___ still here?", most of us are unprepared. A death happening doesn't pass through our minds, only studies, work, love etc.

One post posted was about a few of my friend's mutual lecturer. Found hanging by his neck this morning, suicide success. I don't know any details but it broke my heart when i read about it. 

Suicide is never a free pass to escape your troubles. Its a free pass to pass your troubles to others, one of the most selfish acts a person can do. Imagine the people who love you and cared for you, imagine how they would feel knowing they failed in supporting you and helping you overcome your problems, how they would feel knowing they could have done something to prevent it.

Yes, i know i don't know how suicidal people feel and think but i do know how the people close to them would feel.

Life is fragile ain't it?..  :(

There are always people out there that can help.
My deepest condolence, RIP.


  1. i can say that from their point of view, talking to another person, they might think of it as troublesome to the other party or that no one can solve their problems.
    their only focus would be on the problem, they are clouded by that problem only, hard for them to realise that there are ppl who cares for them.
    To us, there are many ppl who love and care for us, but for them, they are not able to see it or feel it. Sometimes it is those around them who are not sensitive enough.
    Either way, i still dun like ppl who resort to committing suicide. Peace out~~~~~~~

  2. Suicide is never the way to solve any problem. They only avoid it by choosing the silliest path which didn't solve the problem at all but also hurt the people around him/her.

  3. It indeed comes unexpectedly.

    Just like my dad.


  4. Suicidal is never the answer to solve problems. Opening up to someone is very important if one is going through some problem.

  5. I've seen how fragile life could be ever since my bitch gave birth to my first 4 pups. 3 died because I wasn't good enough to protect them, thank goodness the only survivor is well and strong up till today. I thought I was never going to let go, but I did. Same goes to my first euthanasia in SPCA, I swear I'd almost break down but I hel in.

    Life is that fragile, but even I have yet to cherish every moment of it.We'll learn.

    As for suicides, they are cowards because they'd rather evade instead of meet the problems eye to eye. There are so many out there fighting their lives to live.

  6. oh well.....death is inevitable i guess, in life at least.

    Then again they say when u mourn for the dead you're not actually mourning for them u r mourning for the living.

    Ironically when u die, u affect the people closer to the most.

    I agree. no suicides

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