Saturday, 29 September 2012

296 : Counterproductive

When you tell someone something like "Don't look", most likely they will look. 

We all have that retarded friend, or retarded self as I am.

"Eh, don't look ah.. but that guy there.."
*Turns around within a split second* "WHERE WHERE??"
"Fucker..."  -.-'''

Anyway, i realize how dumb i am today..

"Leonut, I'm behind you"
Immediately boom! Instinctively I turned around, bumped into her hard and she nearly drops everything she was carrying.
Few mins later she was carrying things walking pass behind me and the same thing happened. I turned around the second she tried to warn me.

Can't blame me right?? I was being polite.. Mama thought me to look at people when they talk to you and vice versa. Hence the immediate turn around followed by a "yea?" and then "OMG! ARE YOU OKAY?"

Got a mini lecture about that issue after the 3rd time it almost happen.. Walk around and not turn around i was told..

To the blogger enjoying his 2 weeks of holiday in US..
Bugger.. take me with you.. lol

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. Replies
    1. OO! totally forgot today was mid autumn festival! Since i got to australia, festivals been a blur.. Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you too! =D

  2. Ooo...that blogger.

    So nice right ?

    1. Yea lo.. CX one day we go together okay? haha

  3. can i juz laugh out loud? LOL 3 times, my god

  4. haha... this is the mama of your generation. the mama of my generation told me when i was a kid in some ulu kampong "don't ever turn around when you hear people calling out to you", and she added "they are likely to be some hantu and your soul will kenah tangkap"... another version was that these are some orang minyak looking out for you...

    then again, instinct is instinct, i will still turn around...


    1. LOL, familiar voice of course look mah..
      When walking home at night also i run all the way, i think people call me also i won't reply and like you said.. Run faster. haha

  5. Next time when a person calls you, ignore for like 10 secs 1st. haha

  6. But when there's someone cute walking by, of course I wanna look!

  7. Friend say, dont look, I am changing...

    girls - meh...

    normal guys - ok...

    cute guys - in your dreams!!!

    1. Then you try to look without them really noticing.. Subtlety glancing.. haha