Monday, 3 September 2012

283 : I Suck

I'm such a horrible brother..
Here I am sitting right next to my brother at almost 5am on a Monday morning,
watching him slave over his computer desperately trying to finish our accounting group project.

It was meant for 3 people, which i was assigned a team with my brother and a female classmate.
Initially we deemed her a really good partner, she really took initiative to start the project, buying the project book etc.
Hell we were wrong. She might as well be living in a cave!!

Doing our assignment together, my brother waves to a group of his friends, about 5 of them to be exact.
That cave woman goes "Omg!! Leonut! Your brother has so many friends!! How does he get so many??".
Like seriously? After i calmly explain to her they are my brother's society friends, i thought she understood.
When my brother greeted another, she went crazy excited again "OMG! He has so many friends!! I hardly know people!".
Frog living under a well..

We planned to met at 3pm last week. She left at 4pm saying she knew how to do everything already and will contribute her share. My brother received her part, and it was crap! My brother had to redo it..

I feel like i didn't pull any of my weight..
Always asking him what can i do and he doesn't give me much to do..
I kinda understand how he works and all and that is the work he gets work done..

I'm a horrible brother.. =/


  1. :( well

    Maybe you can go and offer some help now. It's not yet too late. IN the meantime, I think the phrase is frog living under a coconut shell.

    1. Lol, in chinese its a frog and well..

  2. is your twin brother hot?

  3. need to buy project book arrr?

    you can always shout him a cuppa or two...

    1. LOL, i rather leave him alone.. ><

  4. Hmm, how does it feel like to be doing assignment with your brother ?

    1. Kinda okay i guess.. He does most stuff.. lol, so good? ><

  5. That is the way some people do works I suppose. Must do everything by themselves, so that y he doesnt give u a lot. U tried ur best already. No need to feel too bad =)

    1. If its friends then no need feel bad lo, but this one brother different lo.. Got history together.. lol