Wednesday, 12 September 2012

288 : Scolded in Public

The roads right outside the train station near my university had been closed for construction. Pedestrians now have to walk along the foot path before being able to cross the road to uni due to the barricades set up.

On my way home with a Malaysian friend yesterday, we saw a blind man coming out of the train station. Used to his usual path of crossing the road, he was tapping around the barricades with his white cane trying to cross. Looking a bit frustrated not knowing what was going on, my friend pat him on the shoulder.

"Sir, you have to go this way now", while guiding him to face the foot path. Before my friend could even explain why, he was cut off and we were both yelled at by the man. 

"HANDS OFF YOU KIDS!! DON'T YOU DARE TAKE MY WALKING STICK!! GO AWAY!!". We were both caught unexpectedly and baffled by how angry he was or the fact that there are actually people who wanted to take his white cane that gave him the idea that we were one of those kids. My friend literally jumped and backed off.  Before he got angrier, we manage to calm him and explain to him about the construction and everything. 

After everything he said "thank you" and storm off using another way..

The sucky feeling like we did something bad lingered on us the whole way back. Being yelled at in public by a stranger isn't a good feeling. 

Really feel sympathy for those born with disabilities..
Just makes you appreciate life more..



  1. poor you all. Got yelled for no reason.
    Couldn't blame him though as the walking stick is the only thing that lead him forward to nowhere.

    1. LOL "lead him forward to nowhere?"... :PP

  2. Yup. But then, am sure they are stronger in life than the most of us.


    1. i'm gay, short, unattractive and in my late 20s and still a virgin and every time when i'm feeling down cuz of my sucky life, i will make myself think of all those disabled people and the thought made me think of myself less i.e. it's not always about me, the world does not revolve around me etc.
      sometimes it works, and this is how i go through life, forgetting my pain and my loneliness because those disabled people, their pain and loneliness are twice as hard as ours.

    2. To CX. Yea, being gay makes us a degree of stronger too?

      To Anon, Really admire you for being able to keep that mindset rather then all those people saying its pointless to live when they are forever alone and all that crap. You will never know la, your guy might come, and the virgin thing has nothing to do with anything la, shows your self control. =DD