Tuesday, 18 September 2012

291 : Stalker

No.. Not my stalker,
Don't think i'm even worth stalking. lol..

Its about a friend of mine, Flo. I have to admit she is damn beautiful. Not the cake make up face type of beautiful but the type that never wears any make up and yet looks damn presentable. A really friendly girl next door.

Recently she gained a stalker.

After a meeting today, a big group of us were about to go out for dinner together, naturally 2 groups formed, one that wanted to get to the restaurant ASAP and the other that would tail behind, trailing slowly while talking. Walking with the front group where Flo and her gang was, i could hear them squabbling about walking faster and that "he" was coming. Those girls practically ran to the restaurant.

When we got to the restaurant, i found out why she was running..

"Eh! Can i sit with Flo?? Who is sitting with her?", Peter asked. I thought he was jokingly teasing and all till he actually ask and insist he sit next to her. Being wonderful friends, we filled up every available sit next to her. Then things started getting worst..

Half way through dinner he screamed from one table to another "Flo! Are you free on Sat?". Obviously she said no. This was followed up by a question by him "Flo, do you have exams on the 1st? Cause i know its your birthday.. I been stalking you.".

Sitting next to her, my face literally went " O.o", imagine her face huh? He even asked what she was doing for summer break and all. One point during dinner Flo screamed when her friend poked her sides to tease her and Peter went "FLO!! ARE YOU OKAY??" lols.

His looks ain't bad to me but hell he was stalker scary. I suggested to Flo to stage a sickness. Say she has STD or something to scare him away. We even got a friend to be her pretend boyfriend.. LOL!

Stalker experiences anyone?



  1. Err hmm, I find the title of this entry somewhat familiar...

  2. wow, never experienced it before......T^T

    1. Lol, scary la!! No need experience one! haha

  3. I wish I had a secret admirer just like him ! caring yet creepy. :P

  4. isit u either too old for ppl to stalk u or ur too old to notice ppl stalked u? hahaha... i think using the word stalker is abit too harsh. getting to know a person is not wrong. its the way he carry the message across is wrong which all of u noticed. in public instead of private. he obviously wooed wrongly. lol...

    1. LOL, it would be really really impossible for me to be too old.. LOL, too young maybe.. Exactly! Goosebumps the way he talk..

  5. ugh, we had a despo dude trying to get his dick under one of our own primary schoolmate's pants

    the worst part, she's a lesbian.

    the irony of life.

    1. During primary school?? Was your dick even functioning during primary school?? O.o