Tuesday, 14 February 2012

155 : Valentines Day

No, I'm not dead..
At least not yet..
 Flew away from everyone on my special day and I miss everyone so badly, especially my penguin..
I'm still awaiting my wifi to arrive to lighten up my days here..
Haven't been in the blogosphere for so long..
Got hell lots to read when I get my wifi.. 

Happy valentines day everyone!!
Hope you guys are having an awesome day!
Was walking around Melbourne city today and everyone was holding hands and roses..
Including 2 guys holding hands in public..
Just made me miss penguin more..
Penguin says we will celebrate a belated valentines when I get back,
and hold my hand as tight as possible..
Wonder will he really be there when u get back.. :/
Anyways.. Miss you guys lots!
Will post proper stuff when I'm more settled and wifi'ed..

Just a little update..

P.s. I don't even t Remember this my number what post.. Too cheap to use my phone data to check.. >< Happy valentines day penguin.. Love you lots, miss you.


  1. Did u post using phone?seems like the post a bit disorder xD it's ur 155 this one..hahaha =D

    don't get distraught..ur love will prevail ^_^

    1. Yea, using phone.. lol. Hope so.. ><