Tuesday, 28 February 2012


There it goes..
An hour ago my world crashed and burn again as it did early December..
My heart shattered to the million pieces I toke so long to piece together..
One text..
Those little words..
And my eyes started flowing..

Currently I'm clueless on what to do..
Class starts towmowrrow..
What a way to begin my semester..

Penguin is gone..
Leo just lies there..

Shattered and broke.


Update. 29.2.2012. 3.25am.
Im all better..
Funny how your mind interprets things so stupidly when you arent feeling your best.
Thanks Ev.C for talking to me and clearing everything.
Penguin isnt gone.
Penguin gonna continue being penguin while I continue staying his duck.
Just gonna put everything aside while i finish my studies.

Ducky still loves Penguin very much and vice versa.

His Ducky.


  1. *hugs really, really tight* >_<

  2. Story of your tumultuous life huh. At least now you can really have a fresh start! Remember what I said about taking some time off just for you!!! And not by trying to find "replacements"? Well, maybe now is as good a time as ever. Anyway, I'll chat with you on Facebook or something k? Don't wanna talk too much here.

    Cheer up Kay?

    1. I often dont see why i need to reply you here when we talked all the time anyways. LOL!

  3. stay strong .. take care
    cheers :)