Thursday, 9 February 2012

154 : Wishes

I have a few wishes today..
19 to be exact..

I wish :
  1. Everyone to have a wonderful day today. Exceptionally good day and nothing will go wrong. Smooth sailing all the way.
  2. To never drift apart from people who are dear to me.
  3. To get my ideal body. Hope i can push myself to work out REGULARLY. I wanna be sexyy~ haha!
  4. To study well and hopefully transfer to Melboutne University after my first year.
  5. To not fight with my sister's homophobic boyfriend. No, he doesnt know i am but i just never see eye to eye with him.
  6. To NOT fall in love easily.
  7. To be nicer to people.
  8. To be less emotional.
  9. To keep in touch with my family always.
  10. To meet Jboy!
  11. To get to know more bloggers.
  12. To have better blogging content for you guys.
  13. To let go of all my grudges, especially love grudges.
  14. To be able to skype people regularly.
  15. To love myself more, to be more open about my sexuality.
  16. To never stop dancing.
  17. For B to have a wonderful year.
  18. To appreciate everyone more and express it more.. Especially close friends and bloggers
  19. To have a good day.

So today, on this day,
I wish for all my wishes to come through..

Lots of love always,


  1. happy birthday boomzboy! :)

    chiu, wanna meet jboy nia... haih... my apprentice memang sudah onz than me sudah... i have to "tui chut gong wu" already... lollllllllll

    1. Haha, thanks Tuls!! Remember my birthday pula.. Touched.. Haha

      No la.. Jboy so mysterious and his blogpost always so sexy mah.. Already met the powerful master so now meet the apprentice lo.. XP

  2. I don't know whether it's a good day for me, as I am once again at crossroad to make a decision about my career.


  3. Oh no you left the country already?!?! rats!

    Nevermind, I assure you your wish will come true coz I would be more than happy to meet you haha :)
    Till that day comes, take care and enjoy life there and take in the new environment like a piece of sponge haha! absorb absorb absorb :D

    tulsy shifu haha my moon will never eclipse yours, the pathway was never meant to overlap. We can all co-exist and be on top at the same time ;)

    1. Haha, yea, left dy.
      My wish will come true ah?? I will wait... :P

  4. wow .. quite a number of wishes for a day huh?
    all the best .. n never stop dancing :)