Sunday, 5 February 2012

152 : Apology

I just want to apologize to you guys for not replying comments that you guys post.
I've been feeling down these past few days especially after yesterday and my scheduled posts has ran out too..
So might not get an update too till im better..

So i would want to say sorry in advance for not replying the past few post's comments though i really appreciate them and i will pull myself together as soon as possible to get back to the blog's sphere.

Till next time,
Lots of love,


  1. What for's been a hard time for u..none of us will think bad of u bcoz of that =)

    till then, *tight hugsssssssss* muacks :)

  2. aiyoh, comments doesnt need a reply le... nothing to apologize

    go pack up your stuffs le, flying Melbourne soon right?

    {hug CK}

    wah, now I will have one more friend in melbourne

  3. Apology unaccepted :( Apologize for no good reasons. It's okay lah bro, chill :) dun be too upset, nanti tak kacak adi haha :D take care :3 *huggs* !

  4. @@ wa, i sometimes oso din reply ppl's comment cuz of other easons, zzz now i feel guilty >_<

  5. aiyo...nvm la bro ^^ not ur fault at all. cheers and Happy Chap Goh May !