Tuesday, 7 February 2012

153 : Apology 2

A second apology?
Yea.. A second apology to someone..

Sorry B..
For doubting you..

Meeting up with you for wongfu.. and you asked me something that made me feel like shit..

"Why you never contact me?? Dint tweet me also, i miss you.."

You toke me to your locker and gave me a key chain with your surname.. and you kept mine..
You told me so we could keep a part of each other even when i leave to australia..

You booked a place in line practically the first 10 people to enter the hall.. Bought food for me while i stayed in line..

Holding your hand.. Getting a warm hug from you and watching wongfu with you right beside me..
I was wrong.. Im sorry..
I regret thinking all the things about you before..
It makes it worst that i will never get to see you again..

I cried myself to sleep that day..  with your key chain in my hand, tears flowing down my cheek in regret and remorse.  I miss you so much and the thought of never seeing you again just kills me more..

I'm sorry for everything B..
I never got to tell you this.
I wish i had the courage to..

I gave my heart to you..
 I love you B...

I will keep you with me where ever i go..


  1. it's nice..treasure him and it *hug* muacks

  2. Awww.... dun cry, you have something, that's the very least, yes?


  3. big, tight, huge bear hugs to you :)

  4. *hugs* too!

    i don't really know what to say because I've never been in this type of potential LDR situation, but I think what I would or should do... is to have that all important talk with him while there is still time. Because I think you two have still yet to establish the nature or status of your relationship right? So maybe talk it out, express your feelings and fears while there is still time, and it sounds like he cares much about you and maybe is finding it difficult too that you're leaving soon.

    If you two are really into each other, it's time to step up and really discuss how the distance could affect things, and how invested each of you are and the promises that you're willing to make for each other...

    Because I don't think I will be able to take it if I flew off without clearing things with guy I'm crazy about first. It will be like leaving a piece of my heart here..

    Plus, on a lighter note I've seen the pics of you 2 together.. and it's so darn cute I just wanna pinch both of you in the cheeks like how a fat Mak Cik would hahahaha :P